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Discover the best Bulgarian brands

TEXAVINO LLC is a nationwide importer for the best Bulgarian wine brands.

With more than 7000 acres in portfolio, we have quantities to supply all US markets with 4 brands from entry level to premium quality wines. Quality grapes preserved by Low yield, green harvest, hand harvest , few hours between harvest and tank filling, vinification by gravity, French oak barrels aging.

Our goal is to create a new producing country on the shelf of the best retailers and promote the fantastic Bulgarian Terroir.  Offering better quality for a better price is the only way to succeed in the US wine market. Consumption of wine is growing fast and demand for quality and affordably priced wines is the way to develop the market.

Why choose Bulgaria as a new producing country on the shelf?

Because Bulgaria offers new attractive wines in the US market, having reliable quality and quantities dedicated to US market.    During the 70’S, Bulgaria became the world’s second largest producing country after France and supplied all the Eastern bloc.  Now times and politics have changed and Bulgaria is an independent member of the European Union.  Bulgarian winemakers now can focus on the US market with quality terroir wines that will convince all your customers that Bulgaria produces better wines for a better price.

- Entry level brand: Fresh, fruity and easy going wine, biggest sales in Bulgarian export.
- Available quantities: 150,000 cases.

- Premium sparkling brand: This is an impressive classy traditional method sparkling wine, easy to compete with quality Champagne wines but   affordable as the Cava price range.                     
- Available quantities: 10,000 cases.

- Entry level brand: Fresh, classy and gastronomic.        
- Available quantities: 30,000 cases.

- Premium brand: Grand Cru  Bordeaux style, made by Stephan von Neipperg. Enira is a Classic from Bulgaria, delightful to drink and a wine blockbuster.               
- Available quantities: 15,000 cases.

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